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Weird Al Explains His 5 Favorite Comedy Movies

Weird Al Explains His 5 Favorite Comedy Movies

Weird Al Yankovic, the accordion-wielding maestro of musical parody, is a man of many talents. He’s penned chart-topping hits, starred in his own biopic, and even made a run for California State Senate (well, maybe not that last one). But one thing’s for sure: he knows his funny. So, when Polygon recently sat down with the comedy icon to discuss his top five favorite comedy movies, you knew it was going to be a laugh riot.

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

No surprise here, right? This British cult classic is practically Weird Al’s spirit animal. From the nonsensical humor to the absurd situations, it’s a perfect fit for his wacky sensibilities.

“It’s just pure, unadulterated silliness,” Al gushes. “And the way they use language is just brilliant. I mean, who else could come up with a killer rabbit scene that’s actually funny?”

2. Top Secret! (1984)

Another zany comedy on Al’s list is the Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker spoof of Hitchcock films. With its madcap pace, over-the-top gags, and infectious musical numbers, it’s no wonder this Cold War caper holds a special place in Al’s heart.

“I saw this movie in the theater when I was a teenager,” he recalls. “I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna burst. It’s just so damn quotable. I still say lines from that movie all the time.”

3. Raising Arizona (1987)

This Coen brothers’ gem might seem like an odd choice for Al, but its blend of slapstick humor and quirky characters struck a chord with the accordion player.

“It’s like watching a live-action cartoon,” he explains. “Nicolas Cage is amazing in it, and the supporting cast is just gold. Plus, it’s got that Coen brothers’ weirdness that I just love.”

4. UHF (1989)

Of course, Al wouldn’t be Al without a little self-promotion. His own comedic vehicle, UHF, is a love letter to the wacky world of local television. With its cheesy special effects, outrageous characters, and hilarious musical numbers (including the iconic “Weird Al” Yankovic Polka”), it’s a cult classic in its own right.

“I’m not gonna pretend I’m objective about this one,” Al laughs. “But I think it’s a genuinely funny movie. It’s got heart, it’s got laughs, and it’s got a polka about accordion. What more could you ask for?”

5. Galaxy Quest (1999)

Rounding out Al’s list is this hilarious send-up of Star Trek. With its spot-on parodies of sci-fi tropes, lovable cast of characters, and surprisingly poignant message about fandom, it’s a comedy that resonates with all ages.

“I’m a huge Star Trek fan,” Al admits. “So, this movie was like catnip to me. It’s so funny, but it also has a real sense of warmth and camaraderie. Plus, Tim Allen is just brilliant in it.”

So, there you have it: Weird Al Yankovic’s top five favorite comedy movies. A diverse and delightful bunch, just like the man himself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the hundredth time.

In addition to the five movies mentioned above, Al also gave some honorable mentions to The Jerk (1979), Blazing Saddles (1974), and Airplane! (1980). So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out these comedic gems as well.

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