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3 Brave Players Expected to be Traded This Offseason

3 Brave Players Expected to be Traded This Offseason

As the dust settles on the midseason trade deadline, the Atlanta Braves find themselves in a unique position. Despite not making any major moves at the deadline, the team is poised to undergo some significant changes during the upcoming offseason. While the front office decided to hold onto certain players for the playoff push, several notable Braves are now being linked to potential trades that could reshape the team for the future. Here are three Braves who weren’t traded at the deadline but are expected to be on the move this offseason.

  1. Freddie Freeman (First Baseman):

One of the most beloved and iconic players in Braves history, Freddie Freeman’s future with the team has become uncertain. Freeman is set to become a free agent at the end of the season, and despite the Braves’ desire to retain him, contract negotiations have hit a stalemate. Freeman’s contributions to the team over the years have been immense, making him a cornerstone of the franchise. However, the Braves’ financial constraints and potential interest from other teams may force them to consider trading the first baseman.

Freddie Freeman’s trade value would be incredibly high, attracting numerous suitors given his consistent offensive prowess and excellent defensive skills at first base. If the Braves can’t reach a contract extension agreement during the offseason, they may be compelled to trade Freeman to secure valuable assets and prospects, ensuring the team remains competitive for years to come.

  1. Dansby Swanson (Shortstop):

Dansby Swanson has been a key figure in the Braves’ infield for several years, contributing both offensively and defensively. However, the emergence of top prospect, Shea Langeliers, and his natural position as a shortstop might make Swanson expendable in the team’s long-term plans. Langeliers’ arrival has fueled speculation that the Braves could look to move Swanson to address other areas of need.

While Dansby Swanson’s consistency and leadership on the field will undoubtedly attract interest from other teams, the Braves could use him as a valuable trade chip to bolster their pitching staff or acquire young talent in other positions. It would be a tough decision to part ways with Swanson, but the Braves’ front office may prioritize strategic planning and the long-term success of the team over sentimentality.

  1. Mike Soroka (Starting Pitcher):

Mike Soroka has been a rising star in the Braves pitching rotation, showcasing remarkable talent and potential. However, multiple injuries have kept Soroka sidelined for most of the past two seasons, leading to uncertainty about his long-term durability. The Braves might decide to capitalize on his previous successes and young age to obtain valuable assets in return.

While the decision to trade Soroka would not be an easy one, the Braves could address other pressing needs by acquiring established pitchers or prospects who could potentially contribute more consistently in the immediate future. It is possible that the front office views Soroka’s injury history as too much of a risk, making him a prime candidate for a potential trade. MLB

In conclusion, despite not making any significant moves at the trade deadline, the Atlanta Braves are expected to be active participants in the off-season trade market. Freddie Freeman, Dansby Swanson, and Mike Soroka, while instrumental in the team’s recent successes, are among the players whose futures with the Braves have become uncertain. While it would be challenging for the Braves organization and fans to see these players in different uniforms, trading them could serve as a stepping stone toward building a formidable team capable of sustained competitiveness in the years to come. As the offseason approaches, Braves fans will keep a close eye on how the front office navigates these potentially franchise-altering decisions.

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