Jose Benavidez Sr. Contemplates Fight Cancellation After Jermall Charlo Misses Weight

Jose Benavidez Sr. Contemplates Fight Cancellation After Jermall Charlo Misses Weight
Jose Benavidez Sr. Contemplates Fight Cancellation After Jermall Charlo Misses Weight
Jose Benavidez Sr. Contemplates Fight Cancellation After Jermall Charlo Misses Weight 3

In the world of professional boxing, the build-up to a highly anticipated match is often fraught with drama, and the weigh-in is a critical moment that sets the stage for the upcoming battle. The recent showdown between Jose Benavidez Jr. and Jermall Charlo took an unexpected turn when Charlo missed the required weight, sending shockwaves through the boxing community. Behind the scenes, Jose Benavidez Sr., the father and trainer of Benavidez Jr., found himself facing a tough decision: whether to go ahead with the fight or call it off.

The Weigh-In Drama:

Weigh-ins are a ritual in boxing, serving not only to ensure a level playing field but also to generate excitement and anticipation among fans. Fighters are obligated to meet a predetermined weight limit to maintain fairness and uphold the integrity of the sport. However, in the case of Jermall Charlo, the scales told a different story.

Charlo, a respected and accomplished fighter in his own right, failed to make weight for the scheduled bout against Jose Benavidez Jr. The implications of this error were significant, not only for Charlo but for the entire event. Missing weight can result in penalties, such as financial fines and the potential cancellation of the fight.

The Dilemma for Team Benavidez:

Jose Benavidez Sr., a seasoned figure in the boxing world, found himself at a crossroads. His son, Jose Benavidez Jr., had trained rigorously for the bout, and the excitement surrounding the match had reached a fever pitch. However, the missed weight by Charlo threw a wrench into their carefully laid plans.

The decision to cancel a fight is never taken lightly. It involves considering various factors, including the physical and mental preparedness of the fighters, the expectations of the fans, and the potential financial repercussions. Benavidez Sr. faced the challenging task of weighing these factors and determining whether proceeding with the fight was in the best interest of his son and the sport.

Considering the Options:

As news of Charlo’s missed weight spread, speculation ran rampant about the potential consequences. Would the fight proceed with Charlo facing penalties, or would Team Benavidez take a stand and insist on the cancellation of the bout? The boxing world awaited an official announcement, with fans and pundits alike expressing their opinions on social media.

Benavidez Sr. had to navigate through a maze of emotions and practical considerations. On one hand, there was the desire to give the fans the long-awaited spectacle they had been anticipating. On the other hand, there was a commitment to the principles of fair competition and adherence to the rules governing the sport.

The Final Decision:

In the end, after careful deliberation and discussions with his team, Jose Benavidez Sr. made a decisive choice. Despite the disappointment and frustration caused by Charlo’s missed weight, Team Benavidez opted to go forward with the fight. Charlo faced the prescribed penalties, including a financial fine, but the bout remained on the schedule.


The drama surrounding Jermall Charlo’s missed weight added an unexpected layer of intensity to the lead-up of the bout against Jose Benavidez Jr. While the initial shock and disappointment reverberated through the boxing community, the decision to proceed with the fight showcased the resilience and determination of both fighters. Ultimately, the fans were treated to a showdown that lived up to its expectations, and the sport of boxing continued its tradition of unpredictability and excitement.


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