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Rams Acquire Raiders’ $10.1 Million Star in Proposed Trade

Rams Acquire Raiders' $10.1 Million Star in Proposed Trade
Rams Acquire Raiders' $10.1 Million Star in Proposed Trade

The Las Vegas Raiders officially ended their organized team activities on June 15, but there was no sign of star Josh Jacobs. The team booked the franchise tag for the NFL’s top driver last season, and he has yet to sign a bid. Without signing a contract, Jacobs is actually not allowed into the team facility.

The run back has hinted on Twitter that he may want to take on the full-back role in the future, which could mean he won’t be playing on the franchise’s card. He has until July 17 to sign his offer and agree a long-term deal. If the two sides cannot agree, Raid will have to find a solution. According to Bleacher Report’s Maurice Moton, that solution could be trading with the Los Angeles Rams. In a June 15 column, Moton initiated a trade that took Jacobs to the Rams for a 2024 second-round pick.

Moton writes: “Raiders can choose to rotate from their top carrier. “They picked Zamir White in the fourth round of last year’s draft. If the coaching staff thinks a second year of resumption could provide 75% of Jacobs production while under contract for less than $1.1 million, Vegas could book its best resumption of operations. on the transaction block.

“In case Jacobs wants to move on, the Rams could be a viable pursuer. They could restructure Aaron Donald’s contract to save $20.5 million and fit Jacobs’ new contract under limit.

What if Josh Jacobs doesn’t sign the franchise card?

July 17 is the day to watch for franchise players. However, if Jacobs fails to reach an agreement with the Raiders at this stage, he will not be free to sign with any team. According to former NFLer Joel Corry in a March 9 column for CBS Sports, league rules stipulate that after the July 17 deadline has passed, franchise players will not be able to negotiate a deal. long-term with their team until the end of the regular season on January 7, 2024.

If Jacobs fails to strike a lasting agreement with the Raiders, the next date to watch is November 14, 2023, which is Week 10 of the regular season. This is the last day he can sign the franchise bid. If he still refuses to sign him, he will not be allowed to play for the rest of the 2023 season. He will forgo $10.1 million in salary if he decides to go the route. there, according to Spotrac.

Josh McDaniels is a huge fan of Josh Jacobs

The Raiders had a disappointing year last season and won 6-11 after reaching the knockout stages in 2021. One of the team’s few bright spots was Jacobs, who led the NFL with 1,653 javelin. Though he hasn’t trained yet, head coach Josh McDaniels recently made it clear how much he appreciates running back to the Pro Bowl.

“The deadline [for a long-term deal] is through July,” McDaniels said at a June 6 press conference. “I respect everything in this process. This isn’t the first time this has happened as I’ve been involved in this. Like I said, I keep what I said before – love children, ask for players, love people. I cannot wait to see him. »