Stephanie McMahon Backstage at WWE Survivor Series

Stephanie Mcmahon Backstage At Wwe Survivor Series
Stephanie Mcmahon Backstage At Wwe Survivor Series
Stephanie Mcmahon Backstage At Wwe Survivor Series 3

Stephanie McMahon, the former WWE Chief Brand Officer and Chief Operating Officer, was spotted backstage at WWE Survivor Series on Saturday, November 25, 2023. This marks her first appearance at a WWE event since stepping down from her executive roles in January 2023.

McMahon was reportedly seen “hanging out and visiting” with friends and colleagues backstage and was not there in an official capacity. Her presence at the event was nonetheless noteworthy, as she is still a highly respected figure in the WWE community.

McMahon’s father, Vince McMahon, recently returned to WWE as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, and her husband, Paul Levesque, remains the Head of Talent Relations and Creative for the company.

It is unclear whether McMahon’s appearance at Survivor Series is an indication of a potential return to WWE in the future. However, her presence backstage suggests that she is still interested in the company and may be open to working with them again in some capacity.

Stephanie McMahon’s Legacy in WWE

Stephanie McMahon is a third-generation member of the McMahon family, which has been involved in the professional wrestling business for over 70 years. She joined WWE in 1996 and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the most powerful executives in the company.

McMahon was responsible for a number of key initiatives during her time with WWE, including the launch of the WWE Network streaming service, the expansion of WWE’s international business, and the creation of new WWE programs and brands. She was also a vocal advocate for women’s wrestling and helped to pave the way for women to hold prominent positions in WWE.

Stephanie McMahon’s Future

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Stephanie McMahon. She is a talented and experienced businesswoman with a deep knowledge of the wrestling industry. It is certainly possible that she will return to WWE in some capacity in the future. However, she may also choose to pursue other opportunities outside of the company.

Regardless of what she decides to do, Stephanie McMahon will always be an important part of WWE history. She is a pioneer who helped to break down barriers for women in the wrestling industry, and she will continue to be an inspiration to women around the world.


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