Stache the Sealyham terrier wins the National Dog Show 2023

Stache The Sealyham Terrier Wins The National Dog Show
Stache The Sealyham Terrier Wins The National Dog Show
The National Dog Show Presented By Purina — 2023 — Pictured: (L-R) 2023 National Dog Show Best In Show Winner, Sealyham Terrier Named “Stache” — (Photo By: Bill Mccay/Nbc)

Stache, a Sealyham terrier from Cochranville, Pennsylvania, has been named the winner of the 2023 National Dog Show. Stache, whose registered name is GCHP CH Goodspice Efbe Money Stache, was selected from a field of more than 2,000 dogs.

Stache is a seasoned show dog, and this is his 49th Best in Show win. He is also the #2-ranked Terrier and #12-ranked All-Breed show dog in America. Stache is known for his beautiful coat, his charming personality, and his excellent showmanship.

Stache’s breeder and handler, Margery Good, was thrilled with her dog’s win. “He just gave a wonderful performance,” she said. “He stretched his little short legs and hands and flew around this ring.”

Stache is a deserving winner of the National Dog Show. He is a beautiful, talented, and well-behaved dog. He is a true ambassador for the Sealyham terrier breed.

About Stache

Stache is a cream-colored Sealyham terrier with long, flowing hair. He is known for his distinctive beard and mustache. Stache is a friendly and playful dog, and he loves to play fetch. He is also a very intelligent dog, and he is quick to learn new tricks.

Stache is a cherished member of the Good family. He is a loyal and loving companion, and he brings joy to everyone who meets him.

About the National Dog Show

The National Dog Show is an annual event that is hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. The show is held on Thanksgiving Day, and it is broadcast live on NBC. The National Dog Show is one of the most popular dog shows in the world, and it is a great way to see some of the best dogs in the country.

Congratulations to Stache on his well-deserved win!

Additional Information

Stache was bred by Margery Good of Goodspice Kennels in Cochranville, Pennsylvania.

Stache is handled by his breeder, Margery Good.

Stache’s previous Best in Show wins include the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the 2021 AKC National Championship.

Stache is a member of the Sealyham Terrier Club of America.

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