Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley set for 24th June 2023 on DAZN

Edgar Berlanga Vs Jason Quigley Set For 24Th June 2023 On Dazn
Edgar Berlanga Vs Jason Quigley Set For 24Th June 2023 On Dazn
Edgar Berlanga Vs Jason Quigley Set For 24Th June 2023 On Dazn 3

Edgar Berlanga vs Jason Quigley Super-middleweight will premiere Matchroom and DAZN on June 24, facing Jason Quigley in a main event at the Hulu Theater in New York City.

Berlanga, 25 (20-0, 16 KOs) signed with Matchroom after breaking up Top Rated and has received offers from various promoters including Golden Boy.

Although rumors about him died down a bit after his first round ended, he still has plenty of potential for stardom as a Puerto Rican, New York and New York boxer. a guy with natural charm.

And while Berlanga wants bigger boxing fights than Top Rated thinks he’s ready for, this matchup against Quigley is pretty much what he’s been into in his last few outings.

Quigley, 31 years old (20-2, 14 KOs), an Irish boxer, is perhaps best known for his two losses, one to Tureano Johnson in 2019 and one to Demetrius Andrade in a middleweight title fight in year 2021. Quigley seemed stuck and stagnant as a  boxing”middleweight prospect” for years, and then the harsh reality was that he had clearly lost to two of the best opponents he had ever faced. His best win was probably against Shane Mosley Jr, decided by a 10-round majority in May 2021.

In other words, it’s not a game where anyone will scream from the roof in anticipation, but it’s a logical move by Berlanga and also gets him back in action. He’s been out of the ring since June 2022, after beating Roamer Alexis Angulo on ESPN, a match that made more headlines for a mime bite than Berlanga’s performance.


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