Tadej Pogacar Intrigued by Atypical 2024 Tour de France Finish

Tadej Pogacar Intrigued by Atypical 2024 Tour de France Finish
Tadej Pogacar Intrigued by Atypical 2024 Tour de France Finish

In a surprising turn of events, defending Tour de France champion Tadej Pogacar has expressed his enthusiasm for the atypical finish planned for the 2024 Tour de France. The race organizers have unveiled a unique and challenging route that deviates from the traditional conclusion in Paris, promising an exciting spectacle for cycling fans around the world.

The 2024 Tour de France, scheduled to take place from July 5th to July 28th, will culminate in a grand finale in the heart of the French Alps. Instead of the iconic Champs-Élysées sprint finish in Paris, the race will conclude with a grueling mountain stage that will test the riders’ climbing abilities to the limit.

Pogacar, who won back-to-back Tour de France titles in 2020 and 2021, shared his thoughts on this unexpected twist in an interview today. “I find this change both exciting and challenging,” the Slovenian cyclist stated. “The Tour de France is known for its rich history, and altering the finish is a bold move. It will keep us riders on our toes and make the race even more unpredictable.”

The 2024 Tour de France route will include several punishing mountain stages, with the final ascent taking place on the iconic Alpe d’Huez. This legendary climb has been the site of numerous historic moments in Tour de France history. For the first time, it will serve as the battleground for the yellow jersey contenders in the race’s conclusion.

Tadej Pogacar, who has established himself as one of the finest climbers in the peloton, is no stranger to conquering challenging ascents. His excitement for the new finish aligns with his strengths as a rider. “I’m prepared to embrace this unique opportunity. Alpe d’Huez is a legendary climb, and it will be an incredible spectacle for cycling fans. I’m looking forward to the challenge,” he added.

The decision to move the Tour de France finish to the Alps is seen as a strategy to keep the race unpredictable and open to a wider range of contenders. In recent years, the race has been dominated by riders with exceptional time trial and sprinting abilities. The new finish will favor climbers and break the mold of traditional Tour de France conclusions.

As cycling enthusiasts eagerly await the 2024 Tour de France, the anticipation is building for what promises to be an unforgettable edition of the world’s most prestigious Grand Tour. Tadej Pogacar, along with other top riders, is gearing up to take on the challenge of the atypical finish and cement his place in the history of this iconic race.

Cycling fans and sports enthusiasts worldwide are eager to witness this historic change and the thrilling battles that await in the French Alps during the 2024 Tour de France.

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